Monday, July 23, 2012

SDK for cloud storage

Dropbox vs Google Drive

There are 2 major cloud storage provider on Internet, Dropbox & Google Drive.

Both of them have free SDK for Android (IOS & more, too) for download. However, Dropbox has done a great job, much better Google. It takes the following advantages over Google.

Small - JAR is small in size , just ~50KB
Simple - With official 3 pages tutorial (Android), you will learn upload, download & search to/form Dropbox

For Google, I think what they have provided is a sophisticated framework for most language to get access to Google Drive. But the problem is, "it's not Android". I can't even find a "One Stop" official tutorial for Google Drive. So, let hope Google can release a full featured tutorial for Google Drive SDK 2.0, which announced on Google IO 2012.

For now, I choose Dropbox.

Dropbox SDK for Android
Google Drive SDK

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