Thursday, July 26, 2012

Smartone 4G launched in Hong Kong.

SmarTone will launch its 4G LTE network on 28 August 2012, with all current
SmarTone price plans applied. However, as a Android developer, I may not go for 4G now.

Lack of 4G developer machine
 Google recommended developer machines, Galaxy Nexus & Nexus S, do not have 4G support. I have no choice stay in 3G, in which what my Nexus can do

4G advantage 
4G takes the advantage of high speed transfer . However, my experience on 3G & Home broadband Wi-Fi makes no big different. Speed for 4G may not be a big deal for me, as 3G is god enough for me.

SmarTone Announces the Launch of its 4G Network

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